It was really lovely to see the Year 1 children again and to meet the new reception children from Cropthorne with Charlton C of E First School. 

Our topic was ‘people who help us’. To start with the children told me farmers grow wheat to make bread. I then told them about what happens to the milk our cows produce. The children saw that farmers help to make milk shake, butter, liquid milk, chocolate, ice cream, cream, yoghurt and cheese.  

The children and I then looked at the toy farm I had set up and we talked about the fact that lots of people help me. I explained to the children that I work with fencing contractors, spray contractors, vets, fertilizer reps, bank managers etc…

In the farm yard, we looked at the cows in their winter housing and learnt that farmers help the animals to feel more comfortable in colder weather by putting them in sheds. We then walked to the small wood, to make winter housing for the animals. After lunch the children enjoyed the new stickman trail in the wood. 

I had the most wonderful day with a class of children from the Vale of Evesham School. We made the most of the gorgeous weather and spent much of the morning down by the pond. We found lots of creatures in our pond dipping nets and had the excitement of spotting newly emerged dragonflies and damselflies. We also popped to the cow shed to see the calves and the meadow to see the impressive display of buttercups. The boys were very happy to be in the wood after lunch. 

The lovely Year 2 children from Dean Close Preparatory School braved the rain to look at the topic of habitats. After the health and safety talk the children visited the calf pen to look at the ‘habitat’ we provide for our young stock. I explained all the things farmers think about when making sure the ‘habitat’ is correct for the animals; food, water, shelter, space to move and friends. Throughout the day the children asked some fantastic questions. 

During the farm walk we thought about both the farm animals and the wild animals which live on the farm. The children learnt that farmers work hard to provide habitats for lots of wild animals. We walked along the beetle bank, past the wild bird seeds and then saw a badger hole. 


The children loved exploring which creatures live in a freshwater habitat. Whilst we pond dipped we found an adult sized smooth newt which was really exciting. The children found lots of clear jelly with eggs in which are pond snail eggs. 

The children loved the play wood. 

A wet day for Year 2 from Sedgeberrow C of E First School! The children did very well in damp and cold conditions. The topic today was Famous Faces. We started the morning learning about Edward Jenner, a Gloucestershire man, who linked Cow Pox and Small Pox, experimented with a Gloucester breed cow and invented vaccination. 

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