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The wonderful Year 1 from Bredon Hancocks visited today. Their theme was Jack and the Beanstalk and plants. 

The children were great at retelling the story of Jack and his magic beans. 

In the den building wood the children were asked to build a beanstalk, using sticks and leaves. They were asked to make a nest of golden eggs at the top of the beanstalk. 

Year 3 from Sedgeberrow C of E First School came out on a cold and muddy day. The children had a great time learning the best way to walk through mud without loosing their wellies. 

Our topic today was ‘plants’, I had expected to be showing the children lush green grass and the odd spring flower. Sadly the weather this winter has meant that everything is delayed by a few weeks. The children were able to tell me about the experiments they had conducted in school and knew what a plant needed for growth. I added to their list by reminding them that farmers often add plant food and showed them the bags of fertilizer and the huge smelly pile of farm yard manure. 

As we walked past the older calves in the field, the children could see how much damage the calves had made to the wet ground. I explained that we are struggling to find good grass for the calves to eat because the ground is too wet and cold for the grass to grow.  

During our walk we went past the wild bird mix plantation and thought about the different ways seeds are spread. We also looked at the bee hives in the orchard but decided it was too cold to see any bees. Hopefully when the blossom comes out in the orchard we will see lots of bees drinking nectar and spreading pollen. 

Towards the end of our walk the children were given a trowel and asked to dig up a wheat plant and have a look at the different parts of the plant. They also pulled up sunflower plants and looked at the size of the roots. 


I have had a really lovely day with Year 3 from St Andrews school, Evesham. The children were very enthusiastic! Their topic today was plants and eating well. After the health and safety talk we looked at a mini wheat field and learnt that the green wheat plant dies, once it has produced its seeds and then turns a golden yellow. 

We started the farm walk looking at the very large pile of silage in the farm yard. Many of the children thought the silage smelt, I explained that as the pickling process continues it will become even smellier! We then looked at the colour of the grass plants in the recently silaged field. We then took a walk along the tram lines in the wheat field. Some of the children said that they felt that they were on an adventure, as they had never walked in a wheat field (along the tramlines!) before. We watched the seed heads blowing in the wind. 

As we made our way through the calf field, the children were very good at standing still and quietly so the calves were confident enough to walk up to the children. Fly Dog kept trying to round the calves up. We then went to the pond area. The children learnt that we dug a large hole in the ground when they were babies and since then we have let nature grow the plants in the pond. The pond dipping was great fun. The children found alot of dragon fly nymphs and baby newts in the water. They also found two insects (see photos) that have yet to be identified. On our way back for lunch we had a brief look at the ‘buffer zone’ which is a great example of natural succession. 

After lunch, the children had the opportunity to look at dragon fly nymphs whose skin had split allowing the dragon fly out. They also ground some wheat to make flour. They loved the play wood and demonstrated lots of imagination. 

Today Year 1 from Sedgeberrow C of E School enjoyed looking at the wheat on the farm. First we looked at an example of ripe wheat in the classroom, they then looked at seeds and finally flour. After snack the children ground some wheat seeds with a pepper mill and could see the flour inside. We then took a walk in the wheat field and they loved running along the tram lines. They then picked some grass plants which have gone to seed just as the wheat has done.

The other half of the morning was spent thinking about fairy tales and in particular the story of the ugly duckling. We thought about the ‘ugly’ dragon fly nymph turning into a beautiful dragonfly. This week has seen the first sightings of this years dragon flies. The pond dipping was great fun….if a little hot!