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Today Lime Class from Welcombe Hills School visited a very wet farm. The children were great when it came to thinking about what could be dangerous on a real farm. Having discussed tractors and quad bikes it was clear that the children wished to sit on the farm vehicles. We started our activities by taking it in turns to sit on the quad bike.

We then thought about our topic of Stoneage. With charcoal from the campfire we drew cave paintings on the cow shed wall. Whilst we were doing this, the shed was being prepared for winter housing the calves. We then looked at the calf food and with a stone tried to crush some wheat seeds to make flour. We decided that Stoneage man must have worked very hard to make bread. 

We ventured into the playwood but the rain was really heavy. We dashed back to the classroom and set up our own toy farm. After lunch it was still raining heavily and so the children made balloon stressball animals. Then we went back to the topic of Stoneage and sat and had a campfire (with non Stoneage marshmallows). The children finished their trip by finding a very muddy puddle in the playwood…….they loved it! 

Today has been a busy day with the Year 3 and 4 children from Gretton school. Our topic today was Stoneage. The children told me lots of things they have already learnt in class. We then went outside and discovered how difficult it is to grind wheat to make flour by only using two large stones. Some of the children were very dedicated to this job and made some very fine flour, however, not enough to make a loaf of bread. 

The children then used the large stones to grind up charcoal from my campfire. The charcoal was then put into plastic pots and then mixed into a paste using oil. The children then used either small sticks or their fingers to draw stone age cave paintings on the cow shed walls. 

Then we moved onto chalk drawings and drew hunting story boards on the silage bales. 

The children then became Hunter-Gatherers and whilst on a farm walk the children filled their pots with seeds, flowers and berries. The Autumn hedgerow is an ideal time for this activity. Later the contents of the pots were fed to the chickens which they loved. 

Whilst on the farm walk I explained to the children that stone age man would often eat insects and so we went down to the pond and dipped for creatures. Strangely none of the children liked the idea of eating a water boatman! 

After lunch the children had a lovely time in the ‘play wood’ 


The weather was glorious today as Year 3 from Bengeworth Academy came to the farm to do their Stone age topic. After the health and safety talk the children told me lots of things about their topic and what they had been doing in school. I talked to them about Stone age food. It is amazing to think wheat has been feeding man for thousands of years. The children weren’t quite so keen on the idea of eating insects….

On the farm the children mixed charcoal from my camp fire with a little olive oil and then drew cave paintings on the concrete floor of the shed. After that the children were asked to draw a story board on the silage bales using chalk. 


As the day was so lovely instead of making stone age round houses in the den building wood, we decided to be hunter-gatherers down by the pond. The first dragon flies and damsel flies of the year were flying around. The children were really engaged with finding the pond creatures. 

After lunch the children had some very imaginative ideas in the playwood and were very disappointed to learn that the coach had arrived to take them back to school….