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Another hot day on the farm saw the first class from St Andrews school come and experience Sandfield Farm. The children had the topic of habitats and how animals evolve. We started the morning walking through the wheat field which is showing the first signs of the seed head (wheat ear). Walking along the track, the children were asked to spot signs of badgers. We found three inactive badger holes and tracks running through the hedge. Later we saw the badger latrine and seeds in the badger poo!

Having spent a cold January day on the farm, it was lovely to welcome back some of the Year Ones from Cropthorne-With-Charlton school to see the farm in the sunshine. The topic of the day was life cycles. The children learnt the name of a dad cow, mum cow and baby cow. Whilst on the farm walk we saw this years spring born calves. We also discussed some creatures born on the farm which don’t look like their parents.