I had the most wonderful day with a class of children from the Vale of Evesham School. We made the most of the gorgeous weather and spent much of the morning down by the pond. We found lots of creatures in our pond dipping nets and had the excitement of spotting newly emerged dragonflies and damselflies. We also popped to the cow shed to see the calves and the meadow to see the impressive display of buttercups. The boys were very happy to be in the wood after lunch. 

The visitor room had a touch of Christmas about it, as a group visited to experience Christmas on the farm and take home their Christmas crafts. 


The wonderful children and staff from Badsey First Holiday Club came to the farm today and had the most glorious Autumn weather. An improvement on their very wet summer holiday visit! 

After the health and safety talk I split the group into teams. Each team was given a bucket and asked to fill it with items from nature during our farm walk. They took the instruction literally and the buckets were overflowing, infact half way through the walk we left them on the side of a field to be picked up later, as they were too heavy. 

We went into the orchard to pick up fallen cooking apples and acorns. Whilst looking at the cows water trough an apple was ‘accidentally’ dropped into the water. The children were quick to realise that throwing apples into water is good fun, as they quickly float back to the surface. 

At the end of the farm walk we went into the play wood and used the items in the bucket to create an Autumnal tree. Then after lunch the children used the collected cooking apples and acorns plus some conkers to make Halloween spiders. As the sun was shining still we headed out into the play wood for a long play with lots of mud. 

A slightly different use for the classroom this weekend. A group of teenagers came to the farm for training for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. My friend James taught them how to set up their tents, read a map, plan a route and rounded off the session with team work activities.