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My new favourite topic is Stickman thanks to Year 1 at Bengeworth Academy. After my health and safety talk I took the children to the small wood. In pairs the children were given a bucket and asked to count ten sticks into the bucket. They then had to arrange the sticks on the floor in size order. 

I then asked the children to collect four sticks of a similar size and arrange them into a square shape. Once done they had to repeat the exercise and place the new square on top of the original square and then repeat again, until they had made a tower of squares. The challenge was to make the tallest tower in the class. 

We then walked to the play wood and discovered the stickman trail. After lunch the children has the opportunity to search for their own stickman sticks. I then made them into mini stickmen as a take home. 


The visitor room had a touch of Christmas about it, as a group visited to experience Christmas on the farm and take home their Christmas crafts.