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All of the reception children from Winchcombe Abbey Church of England Primary School came out to the farm today. Although we kept dry, the children did leave muddy and wind swept. I am pleased to say the visitor room was large enough for 41 children to sit comfortably for the health and safety talk and for lunch. 

The activities today were altered to fit in with concerns of wet weather! In the morning the children were split into three groups and rotated around the activities during the morning. One activity was bug hunting in the play wood, one boy was particularly proud that he had found a slug. The second activity took place in the visitor room and involved the children making take home paper worms and flying insects. I was in the cattle shed for the third activity. I showed the children an owl box and the bones found in a couple of owl pellets. The children were surprised how small the bones were. I then read them the story of the little red hen, which lead on to marking out a mini wheat field and thinking about how much bread is made in one metre squared. I explained to the children that aphids can be found in wheat crops and other minibeasts live in the field margins which help to reduce the aphid numbers. In the same square we also thought about ‘super worms’ and why farmers love worms. 

After lunch the children discovered the mud and had a great time in the play wood.