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This week I have had the pleasure of meeting all the reception children from St Richards C of E First School. Our topic was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children remembered the traditional tales that they had been working on in class. They told me about making gingerbread men which sounded delicious. I put out clues and the children had to tell me which traditional tale I was thinking of…

The children then helped me to remember the story of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ by finding the correct picture for my story board. After snack we walked up to the little wood, via the calf pens and muddy puddles. 

In the little wood I gave each group a ‘Goldiducks and the Three Brown Pine Cones’. I asked the children to build a bear house, a bowl of porridge, a chair and a bed. Although some children were less used to the great outdoors than others, it was a very positive experience for all. 

After lunch some of the children found my muddy puddles!  

This week all three Reception classes from Bengeworth CE Academy came out to the farm. The children all did very well with the extremely muddy conditions. I have washed a lot of wellies this week. 

Their topic of the term is fairy tales and we had fun remembering as many fairy tales as we could. I did put out props along the kitchen worktop to give the children ideas. Sadly one of my seven dwarfs appears to have gone on holiday, as I was down on numbers. 

The children were asked to find a partner and in their pairs each given a toy pig. We went out to the large cow shed and used straw to make a home for the first pig. The children saw how farmers use straw for calf bedding. They also experienced being sucked by calves and how the wind blows straw about. After seeing the one year old calves eating their breakfast we then headed off into the woods. 

The children then made a house of sticks for their pig. There were some great ideas and many children remembered a chimney for the house. Then for the third house made of bricks, the children used my wooden shapes collection. I was very impressed how the children used the shapes. 

After lunch the play wood was a great hit. One group invented a new game for me which I now call the walking see-saw and will use with other groups. 

Today Year 1 from Sedgeberrow C of E School enjoyed looking at the wheat on the farm. First we looked at an example of ripe wheat in the classroom, they then looked at seeds and finally flour. After snack the children ground some wheat seeds with a pepper mill and could see the flour inside. We then took a walk in the wheat field and they loved running along the tram lines. They then picked some grass plants which have gone to seed just as the wheat has done.

The other half of the morning was spent thinking about fairy tales and in particular the story of the ugly duckling. We thought about the ‘ugly’ dragon fly nymph turning into a beautiful dragonfly. This week has seen the first sightings of this years dragon flies. The pond dipping was great fun….if a little hot!   

This week Year 2 from Bengeworth CE Academy has been out on the farm. The children thought about the season of Spring and had a look at our young calves ad-lib feeding in the shed. Some of the children didn’t like the smell of the powdered milk we use. I explained that in order to be able to sell milk, we take the calves from their mothers and milk the cows. The children gave some great examples of how we use the milk at home; in coffee, on cereal, for butter, ice cream, yoghurt, cream, cheese and chocolate. Over lunch we made some butter out of the creamy milk I had collected from a cow. On our farm walk we also had a look at the three large Aberdeen Angus bulls we have on the farm, apparently it didn’t seem possible that the cute calves in the shed could grow into such large animals. 

Spring is in the air! Had a lovely time with Reception children from Bengeworth CE Academy. The topic this week was Fairy Tales. The children told me their favourite Fairy Tales, before re-enacting the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We then went out on to the farm and build a house of straw, a house of sticks and a house of bricks.