The wonderful Year 1 from Bredon Hancocks visited today. Their theme was Jack and the Beanstalk and plants. 

The children were great at retelling the story of Jack and his magic beans. 

In the den building wood the children were asked to build a beanstalk, using sticks and leaves. They were asked to make a nest of golden eggs at the top of the beanstalk. 

The children from Sedgeberrow Playgroup had their first summer visit to the farm. In the sunshine, the children were gently introduced to the farm…..

The children saw the calves sucking from the milking machine, sat in a tractor, found blossom on the fruit trees, watched a lady pruning the plum trees, had a tractor and trailer ride, looked for bluebells in the little wood, sat in a den, investigated if rapeseed oil plants were taller than them, climbed a stile and then had lunch! 

After lunch, the children went into the mud kitchen and giggled as their clothes and hands started to look a little bit muddy….. 

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