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What a wet day! Well done to Year 4 of Sedgeberrow C of E First School who braved the elements and chose to stay on the farm in the rain rather than go back to school early. All the children left happy although with rather wet coats. Today the topic was Egypt, today’s rain was more related to the floods of the Nile Delta rather than the dry desert sand. 

After the health and safety talk, the children told me all the facts they have been learning about Egypt. Mummification was an area of great interest. I then explained about two symbols of Egypt the flail and the crook which each have origins in agriculture. We also discussed the flooding of the Delta and how the farmers would work for the Pharaoh during the flooded months, then plough and sow the rich land left after the flood waters.  The children learnt that agriculture was very important to the Egyptians and in particular wheat.

We then played a game of ‘beetle drive’ but rather than drawing a beetle the children drew six Egyptian objects; the flail, the crook, wheat, pyramid, death mask and the Delta. The children thought about whether their team won or lost the task and why. We then braved the rain and went into the play wood to build pyramids. Each group came up with very different approaches to the task but all groups worked very well together. Then over lunch the children dried out and then played a few more team games in the classroom before having a short play in the wood.