The very enthusiastic Year 3 class from Swan Lane visited today. Their new topic is Victorians and I introduced them to the topic by telling them about Victorian farming. We looked at old fashioned butter making, the maids window in the Victorian farmhouse, a shire horse and shoe, mixed farming which produced all the food the farm needed, Victorian plough, traditional Vale of Evesham orchard etc…The activity in the den building wood was to make a picture of a cartwheel they had seen at the farmhouse….

The wonderful Year 1 from Bredon Hancocks visited today. Their theme was Jack and the Beanstalk and plants. 

The children were great at retelling the story of Jack and his magic beans. 

In the den building wood the children were asked to build a beanstalk, using sticks and leaves. They were asked to make a nest of golden eggs at the top of the beanstalk. 

Measured out a Viking longship using sticks with a lovely Home Ed group. We were surprised how small the longship  (17m long, 2.5 m wide) was for forty Vikings and that it was only 50cm deep with a 12m x 12m woolcloth sail (16m mast). The longships had symmetrical ends so that they didn’t need to turn in a narrow river or when they needed a quick get away. The ends often had a dragon or snake head.

We then made our own ships for some rubber ducks and went ‘Viking fishing’ in the pond. Glorious sunshine for woodland play after lunch.