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It was an absolute pleasure to welcome back the year 4 and 5 children from Cropthorne with Charlton C E First School. The weather was once again…..wet!

As the children arrived the rain was pouring down. I told the children all about the life cycle of a dragon fly. We played a similar game to beetle drive but instead of beetle body parts, the children had to roll the dice for each stage of the dragon fly life cycle. I was able to show them some real skins of emerged dragon flies. 


As the sun came out we decided to go on a farm walk which was a little longer than planned, but the children didn’t mind at all. We climbed to the top of the small hill on the farm and stood in a circle. I asked everyone to look out of the circle and think of one word to explain something they could see which they had to tell the rest of the class. Then in groups we used some landscape discussion cards. The children were really engaged in this activity. 

We then headed down to the pond to see if we could find any dragon fly nymphs. One boy dipped and pulled out a clear egg with a tiny newt in it. I was very excited as I had never seen anything quite like it.

Then the rain came down in huge drops, I was the only one who was worried as I had foolishly decided not to wear a coat! 

After lunch the children borrowed dry coats and had a great time in the play wood. 

Today I hosted a visit for the Class 1 children from Ebrington (St James and Ebrington Church of England Primary School), it was an absolute pleasure to welcome the children and staff on to the farm. We had such a lovely day. After the health and safety talk we went for a walk along the tramlines of the wheat field. As the children walked along they let their hands run through the wheat ears which felt sticky and softer than they expected. Once we reached the far hedge we discussed evidence of badgers on the farm, later we saw the badger latrine and could see the seeds in the poo!

The children were very enthusiastic in the pond dipping session and found lots of baby newts, dragon fly nymphs and water boatmen. Although there weren’t many dragon flies whizzing through the air, there were plenty of butterflies for us to spot. 

At lunch time, the majority of the children decided to sit on my picnic logs amongst the daisies, which was very pleasant and relaxing. After lunch the children really enjoyed the mud in the playwood! 

Having spent a cold January day on the farm, it was lovely to welcome back some of the Year Ones from Cropthorne-With-Charlton school to see the farm in the sunshine. The topic of the day was life cycles. The children learnt the name of a dad cow, mum cow and baby cow. Whilst on the farm walk we saw this years spring born calves. We also discussed some creatures born on the farm which don’t look like their parents.