Iron Man is a great story to explore on the farm. The children were able to look at how the farm buildings, machinery and fencing are made of metal, just right for the Iron Man to chew. 


In the small wood the children were tasked with the challenge of creating a scene from the book. Some children used a pine cone for the Iron Mans eye in the Seagulls nest, others made the parts of the Iron Man at the bottom of the cliff, whilst others created Iron Man himself. 


Myths about farmers, for example, 

 1. all farmers are men

2. farmers are rich because they live in big houses

3. organic farming is unsustainable


Examples of local ley lines/dragon lines

 a) running from Pershore Abbey, through Elmley Castle, Bredon Hill and through to Winchcombe Abbey

b) Cotswold circular Ley running through the Rollright Stones


What is the difference between a Myth and Legend? An example of a legend is Robin Hood and an example of a myth is a Unicorn. 


The Beast of Bredon Hill (rather like the Beast of Bodmin) was spotted in the early 2000’s…. footprints were found by the pond at Sandfield Farm.


jam jar lid, lump of air drying clay and bits of nature from the farm

a stick, dried in the polytunnel, sprayed white, hold drilled through for the nose, pipecleaners, pen and some ribbon

chunky stick, dried, sprayed white, hole drilled through the top, orange sticky paper, pen and ribbon