jam jar lid, lump of air drying clay and bits of nature from the farm

a stick, dried in the polytunnel, sprayed white, hold drilled through for the nose, pipecleaners, pen and some ribbon

chunky stick, dried, sprayed white, hole drilled through the top, orange sticky paper, pen and ribbon

The wonderful Year 1 from Bredon Hancocks visited today. Their theme was Jack and the Beanstalk and plants. 

The children were great at retelling the story of Jack and his magic beans. 

In the den building wood the children were asked to build a beanstalk, using sticks and leaves. They were asked to make a nest of golden eggs at the top of the beanstalk. 

It was really lovely to see the Year 1 children again and to meet the new reception children from Cropthorne with Charlton C of E First School. 

Our topic was ‘people who help us’. To start with the children told me farmers grow wheat to make bread. I then told them about what happens to the milk our cows produce. The children saw that farmers help to make milk shake, butter, liquid milk, chocolate, ice cream, cream, yoghurt and cheese.  

The children and I then looked at the toy farm I had set up and we talked about the fact that lots of people help me. I explained to the children that I work with fencing contractors, spray contractors, vets, fertilizer reps, bank managers etc…

In the farm yard, we looked at the cows in their winter housing and learnt that farmers help the animals to feel more comfortable in colder weather by putting them in sheds. We then walked to the small wood, to make winter housing for the animals. After lunch the children enjoyed the new stickman trail in the wood.