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Had a wonderful day with Robin Class from Gretton Primary School. The topic of the day was water. 

After the health and safety talk we went into the shade of the play wood and made boats from sticks, leaves, feathers and a few pieces of string. Later when we launched the boats, they all floated! 

The rest of the morning was spent pond dipping. I can’t believe how many baby newts the children are finding in the pond. 

After morning snack the children lay some closed pine cones out in the sunshine. When we came back for lunch, the pine cones were noisily popping open and spreading their seeds.  

After lunch many of the class enjoyed building an extra long slide in the play wood. 

Splash was a lovely topic to do with the reception children from Gretton Primary School. After the health and safety talk the children made boats from recycled fruit punnets, straws and yoghurt pots. After snack the children proudly carried their creations to the pond. The wind was quite strong today and I was a little worried that the sails on the boats wouldn’t survive the journey. 

Once at the pond the boats were launched. Luckily the boats didn’t tip in the wind. Unfortunately this dry weather has left the ponds water level very low and the plant life extensive and so the boats didn’t sail far. The children were happy watching their boats move in the breeze and relieved that I could easily get their boats out after pond dipping. I did forget my wellies and so my feet had mud treatment today as I fished out the boats. 

The pond dipping was very successful with lots and lots of newts and water boatmen found. After lunch the children really enjoyed the free play in the woodland.