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A fabulous group of children came out to the farm this week from Swan Lane First School. The group consisted of a mix of Year 1 – 4 children. Visiting the farm was an opportunity for these children to have a special shared experience. 

We started the day discussing dangers on a real farm. We then moved outside to see the one year old calves in their winter housing. The children learnt about ear tags and that the calves would be out in the Spring fields the next day. We then had a lovely walk over the ridge and furrow, through the traditional Vale of Evesham orchard, along the Saxon Saltway and into the little wood. 

In the wood I asked the children to go into pairs and I gave each pair a letter. The children then had to think of something on the farm that began with that letter. Once they had thought of it, they had to make a picture of it using natural materials. I loved a Ladybird a boy had made but sadly the photo didn’t sure it clearly. The two photos attached to the blog are B – butterfly and C – conker. 

After lunch the children had a long and very contented time quietly exploring the play wood.  

The lovely reception class children from Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School in Alcester, visited the farm today. After the health and safety talk, I read the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’. The children then looked at wheat seeds, wheat plants, flour, a combine harvester and had a go at milling some wheat seeds. At first on the farm walk, we visited the Spring calves, avoiding the cow pats, we looked at what the calves were eating. The children learnt that just like them, it is important that calves eat lots of vitamins to help them grow strong. We then walked along the tram lines of the wheat field and saw that most of the wheat has pointy leaves, except the ones nibbled by rabbits.