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The Reception children at Sedgeberrow C of E First School had their first school trip to the farm today. They took the great outdoors and the farm in their stride which was lovely to see. Their topic of the term is Teddy’s and Toys.

We started the morning with a Health and Safety talk and they had lots of great ideas about what may be dangerous on a real farm. Many of them remembered ideas from forest school and their trips to the farm with Sedgeberrow Playgroup. I then went on to explain about what was happening at Sandfield Farm today. We had three vets working with five bulls to ensure the bulls are ready to meet the cows in a couple of weeks time. The children couldn’t believe how the big the bulls were when they saw them later on in the field. I also explained to the children that the vets had come to dehorn the young calves. We had a look at the calf pen and all the calves were in a deep sleep having been knocked out for the horn bud removal. 

In terms of topic work, the children were each given a soft toy of an animal that lives at Sandfield Farm. In groups the children discussed what food the animal eats, I was impressed how accurate the children were especially with the more difficult creatures such as dragon flies and lady birds. We then went on a lovely farm walk, looking out for signs of Spring and collecting items from nature. On our return to the visitor room, the children were each given a meal tray and used the collected items to make a meal for their farm animal. 

Lunch was followed by free play in the wood, many of the children continued the theme of meals and had a lovely time creating mud based picnics.