Super Heroes – ‘super worm’ Year 4

It was really lovely to see Year 4 children from Sedgeberrow C of E First School. The topic of the day was Super Heroes, which isn’t perhaps the most obvious for a farm trip. We started the day discussing milk processing and how Louis Pasteur invented Pasteurization which prolongs the life span of milk. 

We then moved onto the book ‘Super-Worm’ which then lead on to me explaining how farmers love worms and the role worms have to play in nutrient release and providing air and water channels. I measured out a cubic metre and asked the children to guess how many worms live in a healthy soil of that size. Answer 740. 

We then went outside and looked at the pile of farmyard manure which the worms will be breaking down later in the Spring. Then we went to see the calves and the source of the farmyard manure. 

The children were keen to see the pond and how deep it is after the very wet winter. Although we looked hard we could see very little life in the pond. I think the water is still cold and much of the pond life is living deep in the mud.  

Our walk took us to the western side of the farm. I gave the children trowels to dig up the soil. They found plenty of worms


and decided to make the sticky soil into clay balls and pots. On our way back for lunch we stopped under the pylon to discuss sound and electricity. 

As ever the children loved the wood.

Tags: soils, worms

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