Following from a school visit, a lovely girl asked me to do a stone age themed birthday party for her. The children had great fun crushing wheat with stones and drawing on the cow shed walls with blackberries, oil and charcoal. Once the messy hands were cleaned up, the children went on the tractor and trailer ride to the pond. Stone age man were hunter-gatherers who sometimes ate insects. The children went pond dipping to see which insects they could find in the water, strangely they didn’t fancy trying a waterboatman for their lunch….


This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting three birthday parties for three very lovely children. For each party I asked the children to make balloon animals as we waited for all the guests to arrive. Here is a sample of what the children made including a frog, cow, pig and duck. The children showed such great imagination. 

A lovely but exhausting day spent hosting a ten year birthday party this morning and a party for two five year olds this afternoon. 

This morning William and his friends decided to have the whole party in the play wood. The boys were really creative as they built two ‘bases’ from upcycled materials from the farm. Both groups showed fantastic skills of team work and woodland safety. At break time we lit the camp fire and enjoyed toasting marshmallows, before the boys made the finishing touches to their base camps.