Birthday Party Lego Theme

Hosted a fun lego party this weekend, a joint effort between myself and a friend. 

When the children arrived they traced a lego man from a light box. 

Then they coloured in their tracing. 

The children used the light box again to create the head of a lego man. Their heads were then used in ‘pin the lego head to the lego man’ blindfold game. 

Pots of coloured lego blocks were put out and the children were asked to create a creature. The children were very creative and came up with lots of creatures including; a dragon, elephant, dolphin, caterpillar, eagle and a lion.  

The children took their creatures into the wood and built a habitat for them. Here is an elephant in a forest and a lion in his den.


The children had a run around the wood on a lego man character treasure hunt.

Once all the characters were found, the children had play time in the wood and then a birthday tea. 

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