Birthday Parties

At Sandfield Farm we can host a unique birthday party for your pre-schooler or primary aged child.

Whilst the emphasis is about having fun and celebrating the special day, there is also an opportunity to learn about the farm and the countryside. On occasions the birthday child has requested a specific theme for example pond dipping, farm animals, a day in the life of a farmer and even a gorilla party (we built gorilla nests!)

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Team activities

Team activities

Exploring and den making

Exploring and den making

Tractor and trailer ride

Tractor and trailer ride

We are happy to have up to fifteen children, with at least two adults attending. The cost of a party is £144 (incl VAT) for a 2 1/2 hour party. Larger numbers or longer parties can be accommodated but will incur an extra charge.

 A typical party consists of;

art and craft activity upon arrival*

tractor and trailer ride

on-farm activity such as den building or pond dipping

woodland play

food and cake **

* we do not provide a party bag but will ensure each child has an art and craft item to take home

**Please note that we provide indoor and outdoor eating facilities, but we do not provide food or a birthday cake.

Party Tables

Party Tables

Drinks Provided

Drinks Provided

Food Bag Ideas

Food Bag Ideas

Sandfield Farm is open for birthday parties throughout the year. There are days when the weather is poor and the great outdoors is less attractive. On these days, we generally find that provided the children are suitably dressed, they are not too worried about the weather. If the weather is very poor, then more time can be spent on activities in the visitor room.

Party Booking Form

(Please note this form is to request  a date and time and only – fully confirmed once deposit has been paid)

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Frequently Asked Question

What to bring and wear:

Birthday party what to bring and wear is

  • At least two adults to attend the party. Farm hosts are paediatric first aid trained and there is a first aid box in the classroom.
  • Please be aware of any emergency numbers, allergies and relevant medication taken by ‘unaccompanied’ children at the party.
  • Please bring party food, birthday cake, candles, napkins and if applicable party bags. A cake knife and matches are available on the farm.
  • All visitors must have either a sun hat or a winter hat
  • All visitors must have either a rain coat or a winter coat
  • If possible, visitors should have water proof trousers to keep out the wind, rain and mud. 
  • All visitors to wear suitable footwear, preferably wellies. It is highly recommended that all visitors wear wellies even in the summer. Wellies are useful if there are summer puddles, for walking through long grass, for avoiding stinging nettle stings and during pond dipping. 
  • It is highly recommended that children wear ‘play clothes’ to the farm and bring a spare set of clothes with them, including spare socks.
  • It is highly recommended that all visitors wear long sleeve tops and trousers. In the summer long sleeves and trousers reduce sun burn and stings from stingy nettles.
  • All visitors to bring sun cream in hot weather.
  • Some spare coats, hats and wellies are available on the farm, should any visitor forget to bring their own.

Is there enough parking?

Outside the visitor room is a large car park with plenty of room for a coach. Sandfield Farm is at the end of Sandfield Lane and although it is single tracked, there are dedicated passing places.

What facilities do you have?

  • The large heated visitor room can comfortably accommodate a class of thirty children, with a separate seating and lunch area. For other events, up to fifty chairs can be arranged with a presentation area. Within the visitor room is a kitchen area which has a kettle, microwave, fridge and cooker.
  • There are three toilets, one of which is a disabled toilet with an adult sized changing table. A hoist will be available from summer 2017.
  • Wellie washing can be done at the hosepipe outside the visitor room and the handwashing trough can accommodate eight people at a time for a fast throughput of visitors.

What about Food and Drink?

All visitors need to bring any required food and drink. We have found that fresh air and exercise tends to increase the appetite. We don’t have domestic recycling facilities at the farm and so prefer visitors to take home their own rubbish. Drinking water is available in the kitchen area of the visitor room.

Do you have first aid?

For general group visits we expect group leaders to take responsibility for a first aider and first aid box. In the event of a birthday party, Emma is first aid trained and has a first aid box in the visitor room.

Are pets allowed?

Well behaved dogs are allowed on the farm with prior permission.

Birthday Terms and Conditions

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