On Farm Safety Rules

On Farm Safety at Sandfield Farm

  1. Everyone must wash their hands thoroughly before eating and before leaving the farm.
  2. Everyone must stay with the farm host at all times, unless directed otherwise.
  3. Eating on the farm must only take place in the designated visitor room or the camp fire area, after washing hands.
  4. Children must be encouraged not to put their fingers in their mouths during the visit.
  5. Care must be taken to avoid nettles, thistles, brambles and animal holes.
  6. Awareness of the dangers of vehicles on the farm must be ensured.
  7. Care must be taken to avoid electric fences and barbed wire.
  8. Whilst in areas of trees, care must be taken not to trip on sticks, walk into low branches or poke anyone with a stick.
  9. Whilst carrying sticks, running is forbidden.
  10. Sticks must be carried in the advised fashion; short sticks alongside the thigh, long sticks dragged along the floor by one end or two people carry an end each.
  11. Care must be taken when carrying heavy logs. If the log is heavy, then extra help is needed or the log should be rolled along the ground.
  12. Climbing, unless over stiles, is forbidden.
  13. Children must be under full supervision in the pond area.
  14. Entry into areas of animals is forbidden unless with the farm host.
  15. Care must be taken to avoid fingers being poked through the chicken pen wire.
  16. Touching of mushrooms and fungi is forbidden.





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