Year 3 Natural Disasters

What a gorgeous day for a farm visit with a very lovely group of Year 3 children from Sedgeberrow C of E First School. Today’s topic was based on natural disasters and the Earth. We started the day discussing my recent family holiday to Iceland. I explained all about the volcanoes and black beaches on the island. The children were really interested to hear about the volcano warning system. 

The discussion then moved on to the importance of soils and ‘super’ worms to a farmer. We measured out how many worms may live in an area of 1m x 2m of healthy soil…..740 ‘worms’ were placed on the floor for the children to see. After snack we headed out on to the farm armed with plastic trays and trowels. The children took lots of opportunities on our walk to dig into the soil and then to look, smell and feel it. 

We had a look at the soil dug up by the badgers for their sett and then had a lovely time digging up the clay at the edge of the pond. The children had a very hands on experience of the sandy soils at the western end of Sandfield Farm and the Hinton Series Clay on the Eastern side of the farm. 

A really lovely day, thank you Year 3. 

Tags: March, soils

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